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adboni guarantees that your advertisement will be displayed in the pages of the adboni advertising network (page views). This is recorded very precisely in our databases and can be detected for each advertising package. Because the ads are designed and formulated by you, we have no influence on their quality and attractiveness, and can give no predictions or guarantees, how many times the ads are clicked and whether this advertising brings business success.
Definitely NO !!! As commercially active affiliate partner you also get commissions if you do not buy advertising packages.
A standard general statement thereto is not possible. This depends mainly on what company you operate and what products or services you promote. The more advertising packages you book the more often your advertising materials are displayed. Many adboni Network partners have confirmed to us that it makes sense to reserve a greater number of advertising packages at the same time as this resulted in significantly more traffic. But you must try what's the best for you.
Definitely NO !!! If you book as a business partner "revenue share advertising packages" you will get from adboni automatically revenue shares from this segment independently if you recruit new partners or costumers for adboni or not.
A revenue sharing is not a financial asset, any company involvement, no company share, no dividend rights, no participation rights, not a loan, nor a shareholder loan. A revenue sharing also makes no entrepreneur, partner or co-determination rights. In the economic literature a revenue share is called a tender to grant leis, with the promise that the grant donor will receive a certain share of current revenues from the sale of certain products or services. In adboni partners must make no grant money as payment. All partners have the option rather than simple advertising packages to book, reserve "advertising packages with revenue sharing". This revenue sharing on these advertising revenues will be "transferred free of charge" to the business partners. The partner of adboni thus provide no expenses for this revenue sharing.
Business partners reserve and pay advertising packages at adboni. At the same time, the partners will receive for free a revenue share of the future revenues from the sale of this "revenue share advertising packages". It's a marketing feature. adboni delivers these advertising packages and documents this through accurate logs of page views. The revenue sharing of all booked and payed advertising packages be divided every 30 minutes in relation to the individual partners. Are the revenues for the accounting period high, then the revenue shares also are high. Are sales low, then the revenues investments are low. Is there in the billing period, no revenue, then there is no revenue sharing, which can be distributed. adboni will always accurate and punctual calculate the promised revenue share and distribute and pay out to the partners. adboni enjoys increasing popularity. The bookings for individual advertising packages have increased correspondingly, so that high revenue share have been paid out. Despite this very positive development no statements, guarantees or undertakings may be taken, how high these revenue share will be in the future. Therefore no claims for future payouts can be derived from these revenue sharing.
No !!! On business network may only participate entrepreneurs and self-employed. It makes no sense for a private individual to spend money on advertising because it don't run a business. For private individuals, it is forbidden to log in or register by adboni.
This is any planned, carried out in regard to profit, stable long-term self-employment through self-reliance in their own name and on their own responsibility, which goes beyond the mere management of own assets and to the outside can be seen. Commercial trade is hereby any commercial enterprise, unless the company qualitatively or quantitatively does not require a commercially organized business undertaking. As far as prospects are uncertain in the legal assessment, we recommend this to consult a lawyer.
As a "snowball system", "pyramid system" or "Ponzi system" business models be called, which need to operate a growing number of participants for which you get a bounty, analogue one down the hill rolling while steadily growing snowball. Profits for the participants arise in pyramid schemes solely, that new participants always have to be added to the system, which have to invest money without receiving a service or product.

Not so with adboni.

adboni offers an excellent advertising system for the advertisers target groups "Internet Marketing", "Network Marketing" and "Auxiliary Income Seekers". adboni sells advertising packages in the form of a simple banner ads, pay-to-click advertising and revenue share advertising packages.

Business Partners can register at adboni "for free" without any commitments. Partners can buy advertising on "adboni", but do not have to buy in order to earn commissions. Business Partners do not have to recruit more partners or customers to get revenue sharing payments from booked advertising packages.

Business partners CAN make use in the various ways of the advertising network system of adboni and CAN have success in a variety of constellations .

Everything is based on "CAN" - nothing is based on "MUST".


"adboni has positioned as an innovative partnership network in the internet marketing segment. The partners receive primary professional advertising services and may secondarily participate monetarily from the success with revenue shares and affiliate commissions."

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