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Welcome by adboni The official video at the start from adboni.

Amazing Team We have a lot of Smart People

Andrew Ihsan - Ticket Support
Andrew IhsanTicket Support
Arya Gunawan - IT Support
Arya GunawanIT Support
Bahul Rudiantoro - IT Support
Bahul RudiantoroIT Support
Hilda Peppy - Financial Support
Hilda PeppyFinancial Support
Raindy Wijaya - Ticket Support
Raindy WijayaTicket Support
Hendra Wirawan - Ticket Support
Hendra WirawanTicket Support
Elis Susanti - Receptionist
Elis SusantiReceptionist
Ivan Kaweono - Founder and CEO
Ivan KaweonoFounder and CEO
Fitriania Saraswati - Financial Support
Fitriania SaraswatiFinancial Support

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as soon as possible.

Ceo & Founder: Ivan Kaweono
JL Gatot Subroto
Timur No 178


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